April Rain 09


So its april time in Ireland, Cork to be precise, its Wednesday 29th, grey skies, damp air, birds flying eratically in search of food.

Its almost time for my daily walk through the farm, perhaps i may meet some other walkers, perhaps not, due to the weather. `But i don’t mind the rain, as that’s the source of life, who am i to complain.

May is on the way and its a time when flowers beginĀ  their life cycle, seed to stem, stem to branch, branch to blosom, blossom to bloom, bloom to seed, and so the cycle is complete. need i say more.



As this my first attempt at blogging, i will begin by asking for patience from the world. there are so many things i wish to say, and i want to do it correctly, so to allow for as little confusion as possible;

When i get some ideas of what i am about to write, i shall really begin, so for now from Oilibearo. slan go foil.

Hello world! from Olibear’o


This is the begining of my blog

Slan go foil;