A Middle Eastern Night

Twas just after 12 at night in the Irish Village pub in Dubai, i had just finished a gig along with Billy my bass player, our drummer had been sent home, considered unclean for this kingdom, due a a polyp which was located in his  anus region.

Standing at the bar having a pint of  Guinness, up comes two english guys, as usual they need to take the piss out of the Irish…… Are you the two Irishmen who are always singing about ye’re mothers. what an opening line, i looked at one of them and turned away, i am not going to engage them in any sort of conversation;

Then one of them takes off his tie, and proceeds to pretend to strangle me, i rip the tie off him, and i trow it in a skip which was located outside the door of the pub,.

Later on when they had gone away, i meet a guy from the Lebanon, he tells me writes for a newspaper in Beirut, as the whiskey starts to go down, due to a challenge on his part to me, he becomes the worst for wear. everytime we have a shot, with his cheers he shoots an Israeli and i shoot any foreign soldier who tries to claim any part of Ireland for some  far away  barbaric nation.

It’s about 3 in the morning the drink is still going down albeit more slowly. in the wall cabinets are lots of old Irish stuff, such as musical instruments, books, and horse riding saddles ect, i take out one of the saddles and a winkers and i place them on the Lebanese guy who has all the time pretended to be a horse, now i get up on his back and he carries me round and round the bar room floor. as we pass the window i can see the two obnoxious english guys stareing through the window in amazement, i can hear one of them asking where is his tie. i am laughing; this is just another night fun on the music road..


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