Visit to the playpark

So today when my daughter and her husband to the pasport office to renew a passport, then we took their two children to the playpark in Cork, it was raining, so we took towels, we dried all the various devices that kids like to play on, then we all had a great time,

But when we arrived home daughter and husband had come back, without the passport, the husband was of the opinion that we would have to fill in a whole pile of details on the application form, all of them i knew to be irrevelant, but i may as well have been talking to the wall; slan go foil;

So after a few minutes i brought my daughter again back into the passport office, and just as i had inplied, most things were already correct.

So now it appears that she will getting her passport on May the 8th 2009.

slan go foil .


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